Hello, dear friends!


Read carefully about our opportunities and offers until the end of this page,

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The following questions and answers will allow you to understand more accurately how well we fit together as a contractor and customer.


1 What distinguishes us from other performers in the manufacture of sites? 

2 Why with us you will get a website in the form of a more optimal channel of communication with your 


3 What do we understand? 

4 What are the benefits of our offer for you?

5 Sites on what subjects can we create for you?  

6 What does the customer of our services for website creation, optimization, promotion and advertising look

   like? (You)

7 What are the long-term goals of the customer of our services? (you)


The task of the site is to attract attention, hold attention, encourage the audience to action, entertain and create a simple and clear relationship between the site owner and his audience. No need to complicate the interaction, enough of the most important and interesting details in fact. 



We answer the above questions.


We work in a familiar system for us to create sites. The system includes a user-friendly interface, which is clear and known to us up and down. We have experience not on one platform, but we have made a choice in favor of one.


We create websites for you in accordance with the directions of our Hobbies. That is, the themes of the sites correspond to what we love, what we understand. We work with areas that are part of our daily lives. In some areas, we have more than five years of experience, including entrepreneurial experience. 


We create websites in such a way that between you and the audience were sincere friendship and relaxed relationship.


We carefully monitor our income and expenses. We take into account that the content of the site was the most accessible to you. That is, we expect that the cost and quality of the domain hosting were in the long term more profitable for you.


You can use our tips that support you in achieving your goals.


We do not complicate the sites with all sorts of chips that overload the audience's attention.

We simplify and apply the most effective and necessary in terms of price and quality. 


We offer a choice:


1 Create and optimize your website 

2 Create, optimize, promote your website 

3 Create, optimize, promote and advertise the website on YouTube channel, instagram, video blogging portal

4 When creating a website, you can use additional services.

   More details in the section: services, cost, order 


We do what we like, it turns out, unique and valuable!




Topics sites on which we are happy to create sites for you:

1   Medicine 

2   Sports nutrition, dietary SUPPLEMENTS 

3   Beauty 

4   Health 

5   Psychology 

6   Sport 

7   Blog 

8   Video Blog 

9   Jurisprudence 

10 Education and training

11 Esotericism 

12 Faith 

13 Yoga 

14 Topics related to the help and support of people (not involving the receipt of payment with



The best option of expediency of our cooperation will be if you partially have the following goals:

1 You have your own useful experience, knowledge and/or education that you want to apply in

   business activities to help your audience. 

2 Is a hobby that you like, it turns out, something unique and potentially valuable for

   society of people. 

3 You are Engaged in business activity useful to society and you want to increase

   the volume of your services via the Internet.

4 You are a staff member of a company or institution. Have long-term plans, income and

   own savings. You want to start your own business. You need a personal website and its

   promotion, effective advertising of your opportunities for the audience. 

5 There Is a need for a new website. 

6 Want to attract an audience with the help of a website, third-party bloggers (video bloggers), instagram, 


7 There are dreams and you are inspired, and our services will help to realize your desires.
















Examples of website design: